First Blog Post

Ok, sooooo, how do I start this?
I'm Hannah, I'm 18, and I'm just starting my gap year before Uni. I'd never planned to take a gap year, in fact I was really against the idea, I was always worried I would leave ''education'' and never want to go back. But, on 25th July 2014, I had a stroke. It came completely out of the blue, and halted all my plans. I was about to get my A-Level results and all my friends were preparing for uni. But I decided I wasn't ready, from a health and confidence point of view, so chose to take a year out.
I needed a focus to pass the year, so started to create a list of 100 things I wanted to do. Now, two months on from the stroke, I'm ready to start the list.

The first thing on my list.....start a blog. I've always wondered about writing one but never known what I would write about. So decided I would blog my year out, all my little challenges, my interests and life in general along the way.
I'm not having the typical gap year and unfortunately I won't be blogging about my great worldwide adventures, because unfortunately, I won't be going on any. I'd never saved much money, and thanks to the stroke I imagine my travel insurance has gone through the roof! I'll be travelling around the UK, camping on the floor of all my friends uni rooms, and hopefully I'll get the chance to go abroad at some point.

I've not completed my list, just adding to it as time goes by, but at the moment its full of some completely random things and I'll make sure I post about them as they happen.

If anyone has actually read this, thanks for reading!

Hannah x