Fitness Friday: Week Twelve

Today is the final fitness Friday! It's run day on Sunday and where the past twelve weeks have gone I do not know. I am so nervous for the race, but I'm so pleased with how our fundraising has done. Not only will crossing that finish line be a personal achievement, but I know how much the money raised will help people just like me all over the country.

Review: Essie Help Me Grow Base Coat

I wore Gel nails for a couple of months, a couple of months ago. They wrecked my nails. I've had them before and the after effects have never been as bad as they had this time. They were flaking, brittle, breaking, they wouldn't grow, they were yellow and very dehydrated. They were the worse they had ever been. I used to have really good, strong nails, but not anymore. I tried so many different things. I left them bare for a while, no polish, no products in a hope that they would begin to grow out. They weren't growing, while ever they didn't grow, the bad nail was going to stay. I looked online for a miracle cure. While in Boots, I went to the Essie Stand and saw the 'Help Me Grow Base Coat', 'That's what I need' I thought so I bought one.

Life After Stroke: One Year On


It's been a year since I had my stroke! One Year! Where has the time gone. Every 3 months since my stroke I've always wrote a little update about how life is. Well, you don't usually get a post from me on a Saturday but I really wanted to post on the exact one year mark since my stroke so that's why this post is going up on 25th July, at 8pm. I have no idea how long this post is going to be, and I only roughly know what I'm planning to talk about, but I'm just going to type, from the heart, and from a nearly fully functioning brain.

Fitness Friday: Week Eleven

The race is next Sunday! The race is next Sunday! The more I say it the more it terrifies me! I've been doing these Fitness Friday updates for nearly three months, and when I read back on those first couple of weeks I realise how far I've come. I might not be a sprinter, and I'm not a marathon runner, but I am running, which is something I never thought I would do. This weekend marks one year since my stroke, and thinking about the changes in that year. Wow. I can't believe that next week I'll be running 10K. Anyway, back to this is how it's gone.

Five ways to deal with Hayfever

I had no intention of writing this post, and I know some people suffer with hayfever from the beginning of the year, and we're heading towards the end of July now, but this past couple of weeks has got me bad. The pollen count has been super high, and if you read my Fitness Friday posts you'll know for the past few weeks, it's been really difficult for me to deal with. But considering I've been struggling for a while, I thought I'd share a few things that make me prepared for a hayfever attack.

My 100 Things | #28 Buy an item of clothing from a charity shop

I regularly donate things to charity, old clothes, CD'S, DVD's, and, I'll sometimes go in and pick up a CD or a book - but never something to wear. I just felt like, everything seemed old, even though I know I lot of young people that donate clothes to charity shops I felt like I could never find them. I added this to my list, so this year I could make it my mission to find something I actually liked, and wanted to buy, from a charity shop.

Fitness Friday: Week Ten

This week has been a major week. When Bridie and me were out for drinks at the pub with some friends the other night they said 'so you haven't actually ran 10K yet?' and we were like 'No, we have plenty of time'. Then when I came to write last Friday's post and realised there were only three weeks until race day, I panicked a little bit. So this week, I put myself into gear, and planned to boss that 10K.

Six tips for staying motivated to Blog

There are days when I get a few hundred views, and everyone of those means as much to me as the two views I could get the day after. But I won't lie, those days, where only a couple of people have looked at my blog do get me down - is the time and effort I put into writing posts, taking pictures, planning and everything else worth it? Well, after not a lot of consideration it definitely is! The days I see my views rising at a pretty rapid pace are the days I always feel more motivated. So I thought I'd sit down (on what I can tell you is a low view day) and write my top six pieces of advice for staying motivated to blog!

Seven ways to make train travel a little easier

Post stroke it was a big goal of mine to get back on trains and start travelling again. My confidence had been knocked but once I'd done it was I was OK. My fears were under control. Over the past few months since I wrote that post about that first time changing trains, I've been travelling a lot more, both on my own and with friends, both with and without luggage. Today I thought I'd share with you my top few pieces for advice for train travelling that I've picked up over the past few weeks.

Fitness Friday: Week Nine/Fitness Clothing Haul Part 2

It's less than one month to go until race day. The nerves are kicking in a bit, and the need to get training more and more is constantly in the back of my mind - but this week, not the best.

The fear of changing your blog template

This is a post that fellow bloggers out there will probably relate to more than non-bloggers. I've had a nightmare with my blog template the past few weeks and I just wanted to share what's been going on, how I've got to this new design, and my advice for anyone thinking of changing their template.

My 100 Things | #22 Host a Dinner Party

'Ten months ago I was struggling to organise myself to get out of the front door let alone plan something like this' - something I said to Bridie whilst she helped me load this dishwasher after what I would like to think was a very successful evening. I hosted a dinner party, a three course meal, a right old gathering of much loved friends.

Fitness Friday: Week Eight

I really hope you aren't getting bored of these Fitness Friday posts, I'm trying to make them not to repetitive, I've had some really lovely comments about them so I hope everyone is enjoying them. This week has been a very different week for me, and my routine so fitting running in has been very different to how I thought it would be.