My 100 Things | #28 Buy an item of clothing from a charity shop

I regularly donate things to charity, old clothes, CD'S, DVD's, and, I'll sometimes go in and pick up a CD or a book - but never something to wear. I just felt like, everything seemed old, even though I know I lot of young people that donate clothes to charity shops I felt like I could never find them. I added this to my list, so this year I could make it my mission to find something I actually liked, and wanted to buy, from a charity shop.

My local shop is a few doors down from the newsagents I have a part time job at. Every couple of weeks, I'd pop in after work and have a look to see if there was anything I liked. I feel like the stock turns over so quickly in those places, that to find a really good bargain, something you really like, you had to go in a lot more often - I didn't, I kept going in every couple of weeks.

Then one week, I got lucky. For quick, affordable fashion, I'm a fan of Primark. I'm not 100% convinced by their ethics or morals, but I do think, they offer some really fashionable clothes, at some really great prices. In the charity shop I stumbled across, this lovely blue, lightweight camisole top. It's perfect for summer. It's probably a size too big for me if I were to have bought it from Primark I'd of probably picked up a smaller size. The straps are adjustable though, so I've shortened them to make it fit better - however for the bargain price of £1.50, you can't complain.

I sometimes think charity shops charge a bit too little. I'd of probably paid a couple more pound for this top from there, sometimes the bargains are just too good!

Hope you've enjoyed today's post. I've got lots more of my 100 things coming up in the next few weeks as I frantically try to tick them off before I go to Uni, so come back for those!

See you next time.

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