What you hold in your heart vs what you hold in your hands

A few weeks ago me and my housemates packed up our bags and headed for the Lake District for a girly staycation. We stayed in a youth hostel and planned to do a pretty cheap get away! It was more about the time together, some time in the outdoors, time to have a laugh that was the important bits! Some of my favourite memories from that trip are those just sat around having a laugh rather than doing some crazy adventure that meant spending loads of money. Inspired by Eventbrite's campaign of 'Experiences not Things' (an online service where people can respond to an invite you put out - check it out here) I thought in today's post I'd share what I'll be spending my money on in 2017 to make some great memories!

My favourite five in my wardrobe this Spring

I've been loving adding bits and pieces to my wardrobe lately. I've really been taking more interest in the things I buy, spending a little bit more on investment pieces, and loving putting outfits together! In today's post I thought I'd share my favourite pieces in my wardrobe for this spring/summer that match those trends that I've been really into!

My Current Everyday Make Up Bag

When I go to work I wear really simple, everyday, casual make up. The everyday staples I have are just that - staples. I wear them all the time. When I go to uni I wear pretty much the same face. In today's post I thought I'd share the contents of my everyday make up bag. As we head into spring I've changed things up a bit to give it a bit of a fresher vibe. Take a look!