October Scrapbooking: Getting started

I'll start by saying I know it's mid way through November and I know this post is titled October Scrapbooking but time has completely ran away with me and I'm only getting around to showing you what I put in my scrapbook at the end of September and throughout October. I'm not 100% happy with all the pages, there's a couple I'll show you that I'm definitely thinking of changing but then there are some I just love so let's get going.

The last One Direction Show!

Last weekend I packed my suitcase as headed off to see One Direction with a couple of my girlfriends Robyn and Alex. Our hometown is Doncaster (same as Louis - give it up for Yorkshire!) so technically our local show would be Sheffield although now we all live away from home, it would be a case of travelling back to see them. We set off at lunchtime and some trains and taxis later we arrived at our hotel.