The last One Direction Show!

Last weekend I packed my suitcase as headed off to see One Direction with a couple of my girlfriends Robyn and Alex. Our hometown is Doncaster (same as Louis - give it up for Yorkshire!) so technically our local show would be Sheffield although now we all live away from home, it would be a case of travelling back to see them. We set off at lunchtime and some trains and taxis later we arrived at our hotel.

A quick glam up and we headed to a nearby bar to meet one of our friends from school who is at Uni in Sheffield. I am so glad we had chance to see her even though it was only for an hour, I didn't realise how much I'd enjoy just catching up with old friends and having a chatter. After this we checked we had those all important tickets and went to the arena.

We've been 1D fans since The X Factor days. We were 14 when the boys first hit our TV screens, the age where you're just getting into boys and boybands and from that first song, we were hooked. We've had tickets for every tour and some may say we're crazy - in some ways I'd agree, I know there are fans that are so much more into them than us, but I've grown up with them as ''that boyband'' and I'll take my children to concerts and say, 'back in my day it was One Direction'. Anyway, as you can tell the final show of their tour before their well earned break has got me all emotional!

From the moment they came on stage you could see they wanted to go out with a bang. I was wondering whether or not they'd mention it but from they're first little talk the words 'thank you to our fans' could not have been said enough. They seemed to just be loving it and taking it all in and having a lot of fun.

There were many moments that made it special, from Liam swearing accidently on stage for the first time in five years, when they repeated Act My Age five times just so they could throw themselves around on stage see their families/team/ben Winston dance, they final group hug, the individual hugs that proved they don't really hate each other, the smiles - from them and the audience and the little girl behind us who was at her first One Direction concert and didn't stop beaming from ear to ear the entire time.

I hardly took any pictures compared to what I usually do, 1) because my phone was pretty low on battery and 2) because I was just dancing, singing, enjoying the moment, and kind of forgot to get my phone out all the time.

Niall said 'they'd be back but they weren't sure when', but whenever when it, we'll see you then boys!

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