Monthly Favourites | April 2015

April has shown the first signs of Spring and Summer here in the UK, and I have a very summery April Favourites for you today. April in itself is a favourite for me as it's actually my favourite month of the year! Keep reading to see what made it into this month's favourites...

Life Update | Stroke News, Blood Results....and a new haircut!

It’s been about three months since I last updated you on all things Stroke. I feel that a three month time span gives a good measure of progress. Someone once told me that you can’t measure recovery in hours, days, or sometimes even weeks. Sometimes the best way to see how far you’ve come is too look back in months. Months pass so quickly nowdays, it doesn’t feel like two minutes since I was writing my six month update back in January! Yep, that’s right, we are at nine months since my stroke now, and where has that time gone?! The ‘’gap year’’ I thought would take forever to pass is going far too quickly for my liking…anyway, here is all my news! 

Review: No7 Natural Blush Blusher

It takes a lot for a blusher to impress me. I don't have a lot in my make up collection because it's very rare that they get past the swatching on the back of my hand phase. A couple of years ago (yes, this product is out of date and I really shouldn't still be using it! Sorry!) I stumbled across a No7 Blusher that would become a permanent go-to product.

My 100 Things | #45 Ride my bike where I first learnt

This post is going to be so random, as the actual thing I'm talking about is one of the most random things on my list! It's probably going to be a short one, but keep reading if you want to look at a picture or two of me fooling around on my bike!

The Favourite Five...Pink Polishes

Buying pink nail polishes is my guilty pleasure. I have about twenty (no exaggeration - go to my Instagram to see a picture of them all!) so picking out my favourite five was quite a task. I love them all, but the one's that have made this post have something that just makes them extra special...

My 100 Things | #55 Drive on the motorway on my own

I passed my driving test in September 2013 - on my third attempt, and it's one of my greatest achievements to date. It was pretty soon after I passed my test that I started driving on the motorway. I had to drive on the motorway to college, and I could have taken another route, but the motorway saved so much time, and time in a morning was definitely something I valued! After my stroke, I was very keen to start driving again. Driving around my village is one thing, driving on the motorway is a very different story.

Recipe: Lemon Meringue Cupcakes

I spent Easter with my Auntie, Uncle and Cousins. My Auntie made this incredible meringue with lemon curd and it tasted amazing! She gave me her lemon curd recipe and I wanted to try something a bit different so looked for inspiration online and found this recipe. I know the last recipe I did was lemon icing butterfly buns, so there's a definite lemon thing going on right now, however I couldn't not give this one a go. Here's how it went anyway...

TAG: The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag

It was while procrastinating from writing blog posts that I ended up scrolling through my twitter and stumbling across a tweet from Oh So Daisy tweeting about her new post, The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag. I'm always one for a good tag, and my curiosity got the better of me and I followed the link. I really liked the questions so here I am doing a tag post...again!

The DIY Pedicure

If the option was there to get a professional pedicure every week I probably would - having that 'freshly perfected feet' feeling has to be amongst the best of 'em! But aside from the fact it would cost me a small fortune going to the salon each week, I don't have the time to sit there and chatter away for two hours! So I've found the perfect at home pedicure routine to fit into a busy week...and I thought I would share it with you!

My 100 Things | #40 Learn a new craft


I love handmade things. From gifts, to homeware, anything that's homemade automatically has my vote. I added this to my list as it was quite an open one, when I wrote it down I had no idea what my new craft would be - but now I've finished my project....

6 things I learnt in 6 months of Blogging!

Last month marked six months of headlinedbyhannah's existence. While scrolling through my twitter feed I saw a post that someone I done (I can't remember who, sorry!) where they'd tweeted an archive post from their first six months, talking about things they'd learnt! I thought I'd roll with the idea and talk six things I've learnt in my first six months of blogging!

Monthly Favourites | March 2015

Last month my favourites were entirely centered around music. Well this month proceedings resume as normal and I've got a couple of beauty favourites, mixed in with a travel related favourite and some other random things. Here goes...