Closet Clearout

I've recently had a couple of weeks off uni, and in amoungst a heap load of revision and essay writing, I've also had a bit of a sort out of the old wardrobe. I didn't know what to call this post - tips for clearing out your closet? A wardrobe sort out? I went for Closet clearout just because it was way neater than top tips and advice on having a tidy wardrobe in a new season and new purchases mad clean up....I hope the tidy title would represent what I'm going for with my wardrobe. Here goes..

First Impressions: The Yorkshire Soap Co. Bath Truffles

I'm a bath bomb junkie, but while I've been at Uni and had zero access to a bath I've imposed a spending ban on bath products. I received some bath truffles from one of my aunties for Christmas from the Yorkshire Soap Co. Having sat in my bathroom cabinet for a couple of months, the other week, well, it revolutionised my life. It was lovely so I thought I'd share those first thoughts with you today.