Closet Clearout

I've recently had a couple of weeks off uni, and in amoungst a heap load of revision and essay writing, I've also had a bit of a sort out of the old wardrobe. I didn't know what to call this post - tips for clearing out your closet? A wardrobe sort out? I went for Closet clearout just because it was way neater than top tips and advice on having a tidy wardrobe in a new season and new purchases mad clean up....I hope the tidy title would represent what I'm going for with my wardrobe. Here goes..

With being at University I have my wardrobe at home and one in my uni room. It's fair to say my uni wardrobe is about a third of the size of my wardrobe at home, if that, and it's just as packed. The one thing it does have going for it is that all the clothes that are there I actually want to be there, and a good 90% I wear regularly. But in order to have a good clothes sort out, you've got to have all your clothes there. So when I went home, I took a large proportion of my uni wardrobe with me so I could see everything that I had.

I've watched loads of youtube videos and read a whole heap of blog posts that say 'take it all out, then put the good stuff back' - well, if you're anything like me and an absolute clothes hoarder, it's just completely unrealistic to do it this was, as I guarantee you'll end up getting overwhelmed by it all and having a floordrobe for a week. What you could do is do it in phases so it's less daunting - jeans, then t-shirts, then shoes...

Questions you must ask yourself if for every item in your wardrobe. These worked for me:
Does it fit? If it doesn't fit this is the most obvious reason why it should go.
Do you ever wear it? If you haven't worn it in the past year, will you ever wear it again.
Do I need it? There are some things in my wardrobe that I don't particularly want, but that I do need.

Firstly try things on to see if they fit, if they don't, say goodbye! Now whilst you're wearing it have a look in your wardrobe and see what you have to go with it. There's things I've bought that have just sat in my wardrobe with the label on - if you don't want/like it, get rid, if you do like it, buy something to go with it.

Once you've got everything sorted out and decided what you're going to keep, tidy your wardrobe up. I made sure everything was on it's on hanger, not inside out, if it needed washing I put it straight to wash. I then organised everything into clear section: trousers ( jeans then everything else), winter jumpers, summer cardigans, blouses, tee's, skirts - this just makes it so much easier to know what you have, and to be able to wear a variety of things.

So there are my tips for having a closet clearout.
Have you got any tips for having a good sort out?
Leave a comment down below!
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