Monthly Favourites | May 2015

I've been loving the month of May. It's seems to have passed really quickly but I've tried a load of new things, beauty and lifestyle related, so today's favourites feature mainly new discoveries.

Fitness Friday: Week Three

Wow, what a week! There's a lot of negative people in this world, but if training for this run has taught me anything, it's that there's a lot of positive, generous people as well, and I have the pleasure of knowing so many.

My 100 Things | #44 A letter to my younger self

I was scrolling through my twitter feed a while ago (many months back in fact because it’s taken me a long time to write this letter) and saw someone tweet ‘I wish I could tell the teenage me that hard work does pay off’. It got me thinking….I’m only nineteen, but there is loads I wish I could tell my younger self, loads of little nuggets of advice that would really have helped me out at times. So I decided I would add this to my ‘100 things’ list and write a letter to my younger self. And here it is…..

Favourite Five... Soap and Glory Products

Up until about a year ago I had never tried any product from Soap and Glory. I think it was when I received an S&G gift set for my birthday that my obsession began. Today I thought I'd talk through some of my favourite products from them and why I love them so much...

Fitness Friday: Week Two

Another week, another fitness update. I ended last week's update saying I was intending to run every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Erm...yeah, let me update you on how that's going!

Review: Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Liner


I picked this little eye liner up from a Boots store in Manchester a few weeks ago. At the time there was a promotion, so I picked it up in two shades - the black and the grey. As a girl who is looking for a quick and easy what to do a winged liner with a pencil, what do I think of them?

All glammed up with nowhere to go...

We've all been there. We've got ready for a night out and the plans get cancelled. This happened to me a couple of weeks ago.,I was all ready for a night out with friends and the plan changed and I couldn't go (the reasons why would be a blog post in themselves so I'll spare you that one or you'll be reading all week)! So, my hair was on point, I'd spent far two long perfecting my eyeliner flicks and I'd freshly spritzed myself with perfume - I could of almost broken down in tears I was so gutted. But then I thought, why are you gutted that you aren't going out, when a night in could be just as good (and probably a lot cheaper)? So here are my thoughts on what to do when you're all glammed up with nowhere to go...

Fitness Friday: Week One

Those who know me will see the title of this post and think ''WHAT?! Hannah...exercise? My mind must be deceiving me''. Well they would have been right, only a few weeks ago in fact. But just a small amount of time has to pass for there to be big changes.

My 100 Things | #14 Go to the Zoo

Going to the zoo...a thought that bring back very happy memories of many days spent staring at the monkeys with my Nan and Grandad during the summer holidays at their local zoo. Why did I add it to my list? To bring back those memories, except to do it, I took a trip to a very different zoo with one of my closest friends.

Recipe: 'On the Go' Breakfast Muffins

I'm one of these people that would easily skip breakfast if it meant an extra ten minutes asleep in bed. Not a good thing to do I know, but breakfast on the go is something I do far to regularly. Instead of grabbing something very unhealthy, that doesn't set me up for the day, I thought I'd look online for a recipe that satisfies my sweet tooth without being completely disastrous for my diet. I came across a healthy breakfast muffin recipe, had a go and here we are today. This is perfect for on the go mornings to grab and take with you! Enjoy!

My 100 Things | #49 Change trains on a train journey, on my own

Nine months ago my confidence of travelling on my own was completely knocked. The thought of organising a journey by myself and getting from A to B - without taking a direct route, completely terrified me. But a couple of weeks ago, I took my first journey that involved changing trains...

The Liebster Awards

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Elise over at Scrapbook nominated me for The Liebster Awards, a little awards thing to get bloggers with under 200 hundreds followers more recognition by getting there names out there a bit more - I hadn't heard of it before I was nominated but I've since seen it on loads of the smaller blogs I read. It's taken me a couple of weeks to get this post together but here it finally is!

My 100 Things | #57 Enter a Competition

This is a recently added thing to my list. Infact, it was completely unplanned so I only added it to my list once I was in the process of doing it. But this post will feature cake talk, trophies, and a spontaneous speech from my Mum!

My 100 Things | #7 Get a Starbucks cup with my name on it

My excitement went off the scale this week when I achieved one of my life ambitions - to get a Starbucks Barista to ask me my name, write it on my coffee cup, and serve me my coffee. Let me tell you more...