Fitness Friday: Week Three

Wow, what a week! There's a lot of negative people in this world, but if training for this run has taught me anything, it's that there's a lot of positive, generous people as well, and I have the pleasure of knowing so many.

As I said in last week's update, myself and Bridie signed up on Thursday afternoon. Our close friend Abi joined on Friday and completed her sign up - she too is running for The Stroke Association! We're going to be the purple ladies haha!

On Friday I set my just giving page up and it went crazy. Myself, Mum and Dad shared it on our facebook pages and people have been so generous. I went to sleep on Friday night having already raised £90. I woke up, and less then 24 hours after setting up my page, I'd passed £100. I'm astounded by people's generosity.

It's made me more determined to keep fundraising and keep running. So I got up on Saturday morning and went for a run  - only a short distance this time, I went just short of one mile, but I ran it all. Without stopping which I think is the first time I haven't stopped or walked.

I then went running on Tuesday morning, but I woke up with really bad stomach cramps and considering light exercise apparently helps I thought I'd give a slow one mile jog a go. Exercise does not help. I repeat - exercise does not help. I basically had to crawl around the second half of my planned jog. Tuesday was a fail.

I had hospital appointments on Thursday morning so my plan was to run on Wednesday morning but I felt so rubbish still I ditched that plan and had a very lazy day. Just what a girl needs!

So to be honest this week has been a massive fail, but I've been to the Doctors and I'm feeling much better than I was so I shall be ready to get back on it next week!

Also, I'm looking to buy some more running gear - anyone recommend any affordable brands or places to get some from?

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  1. Get well soon, there's nothing worse than an icky tummy especially when you're training! - my boyfriend and I are doing an 8 day trek next year for Cancer Fund for Children so it's great to see someone else fundraising :) although we haven't been as lucky with donations :( x

    1. It's completely thrown me out my routine! Good Luck with your trek- wishing you all the best! I definitely wouldn't be able to do that! x

  2. TK Maxx is where I got all my things :) xx

  3. Urgh it's the worst feeling bad halfway through a run when all you want is to get home! Good for you with the money, I'm going to Canada soon and I'm stuck for fundraising ideas!

    1. It's rubbish. I didn't feel so bad when I left the house! Good Luck with your trip, I went to Canada a few years back. Had a great time and fantastic memories! x