Monthly Favourites | January 2015

It's time for my first monthly favourites of this year....and it's quite a mixed bunch. There's a beauty favourites mixed in with hair products, and completely random things that I don't think even belong to a category. Here goes...

Review: Crumb by Ruby Tandoh

Ruby Tandoh started making waves in the baking world when she became a Great British Bake Off Finalist in 2013. Since then she has gone on to become a writer for The Guardian and Elle Magazine, and write her own book, Crumb, in 2014. I got this book for Christmas (signed as well! Ahh), and here is what I think of it...

Life | 6 Month Stroke Update

Today marks six months since my stroke. I last updated you just after the three month hurdle and a lot has changed since then - I said that last time but I think there is a lot more this time. The previous update post in November seemed to be really popular, and I know there are a lot of people wondering where life is at let me tell you....

I'm really honest in these types of posts and they may not be the most upbeat but they are true, and a real reflection of life right now. I hope you enjoy it - I promise not to be too doom and gloom!

My 100 Things | #51 Reach 1000 views on my blog

Everyday I go to my blogger account and see how many views I've had that day. Some days it's just a few...other days it a whole lot more! When I started my blog I set the goal to reach 1000 views. There was no time limit on this, but it was just a little crazy dream, a little seed my Dad had planted in my mind as a possible achievement. I think he said something like 'Imagine if it reached 1000 views this year...'

Review: Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Colour

Buying one of these lip colours had been on my to do list for a very long time. As soon as they were launched I read a whole heap of blog posts about them that said how fantastic their staying power was! Who doesn't want great staying power? It promises to last for 16 hours, and according to Rimmel themselves be 'kiss proof, food proof and transfer proof'. I've been trying them out in the colours 230 Kiss Fatal and 200 I'll Call You. So what do I think?

Technic Nail Varnish Collection Review

I've recently turned into a bit of a Nail Varnish addict and I love nothing more than trying new ones out and finding a new favourite. For Christmas, my best mate Robyn got me a pretty huge collection Technic Nail Varnishes. I thought I'd try them out and do a bit of a review/haul/collection post for you.

A Mini Zara Haul

The combination of Zara Clothing and a Sale usually makes a very expensive trip, and a recent trip was no different. But I did get to the point where my arm could take no more, and the weight of clothing was about to pull me to the ground. I saw so many bargains (A sale is one thing that Zara definitely knows how to do!) but decided I needed to ask myself those very horrible I want it, need it, or will I even wear it? There were many items that fell at this final hurdle, so I only ended up buying two (the title was right saying it was a mini haul!), here they are....

My 100 Things | #32 See a Musical

I have great memories from when I was a little kid, of going to London, and seeing musicals in the West End, in particular Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - and getting a nose bleed, right at the end when all the children got released, and having to pinch my nose with one hand and still trying to clap along!
Earlier in the year (wait no, last's a new year now) my Mum and Dad booked us some tickets to see Shrek at The Palace Theatre in Manchester....

Top Ten Beauty Favourites of 2014

I'm a high street kind of girl and I hardly own any high end beauty products. When I was thinking what products would be in my top ten of the past year, I wanted it to reflect a combination of what I use all the time, products I would repeatedly buy, and things I think everyone should own, that the majority can afford! I think I've got the best of all worlds, and even though picking only ten was a tricky one, here they are...

Winter Fashion: Coats

It's the time of year where my coat collection is my best friend! I actual enjoy putting on a coat and wrapping up all warm in winter, and I think that having good coat is an essential in every girls wardrobe! I thought I'd share with you four of my favourite coats....

My 100 Things | #43 Give a Homemade Gift

I think homemade gifts are not just more personal but I feel like no matter how small the gift it, it shows thought and effort, something which makes a gift have a lot of love.

My 100 Things | #8 Go Outdoor Ice Skating

I'm a massive fan of Ice Skating and pre stroke I used to go really regularly. When I created my list, going outdoor ice skating was one of the first things I added. It was something I'd wanted to do for a long time, and I knew outdoor ice rinks only really exist in the UK at Christmas so I made sure that when I was visiting my friend in Manchester, we would go!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Happy New Year! My first blog post of 2015! And my first post in a new look's on it's way to being finished! I'm going to be starting some of my posts with a little quote, I'm one for a motivational quote so this is something I think will suit my blog a lot! Hope you like the idea...?
I thought I'd start the new year with a post about my plans for this year.
Do I have any New Years Resolutions? No, not really, I never end up sticking to them....does anyone? But I do have some goals that I'm going to try to reach/achieve...