Winter Fashion: Coats

It's the time of year where my coat collection is my best friend! I actual enjoy putting on a coat and wrapping up all warm in winter, and I think that having good coat is an essential in every girls wardrobe! I thought I'd share with you four of my favourite coats....

This Primark Coat is probably my most worn coat. I think because it's black and white it just goes with everything which makes it so easy to wear. It has a fake leather panel around the bottom and around the cuffs of the sleeve with a think makes it have a little bit more about it than just being a black and white coat. My only issue with it is that the woollen black on white parts on the underneath of my forearm have gone all 'bobbly' (probably not a technical term I know, but I imagine you know what I mean). It doesn't affect how it looks because you can't see it but I know it's there. Nonetheless, this is one of my favourite coats and was an absolute bargain last year in the sale from Primark.
This burgundy coat from Red Herring at Debenhams was a Christmas present this Christmas just gone. I love it! I think it is my new favourite coat. I'd seen it in October and fallen in love but knew it would be an indulgence. I was going to save a proportion of my wages each week but I was worried by the time I got around to buying it they'd be sold out. So my Mum said that if I was willing to wait until Christmas to wear it, she would buy it for me as a Christmas Present! I knew I would get a lot of use out of it, as I found myself thinking, 'that coat would be perfect right now' a lot! It's super warm and cosy, and I just love it!
This next coat from New Look, is a very lightweight Parka style coat/jacket. I bought it and thought it would be a bit warmer than it is, it definitely is probably the thinnest winter coat I have, but I still like it nonetheless. It's a bit big, so I can wear a lot of layers with it, or a big thick scarf, and I won't feel to bulky or uncomfortable. The main reason I love this coat though is because it's so casual, and I sometimes think that wearing a coat can make you look very smart, but this style isn't like that at all, which makes it very versatile!
I look freezing in this photo (and very pale!) but I don't know why because this coat is really cosy. It's very heavy, so wouldn't be a good one to carry around, but I think a lot of winter coats are heavy, so I'll let it off! I have no coats that are this style at all. I think it's quite old-fashioned in its design, with it having the double buttons, and in it's pattern, which is a blue and green check print. It was an absolute bargain in a weekend sale! It's not something I would usually go for and I've only had it a few weeks so I'm looking forward to seeing how much use I'll get out of it!
That's it for my Winter Coat Collection post. Hope you've enjoyed it!
See you soon...

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