My 100 Things | #51 Reach 1000 views on my blog

Everyday I go to my blogger account and see how many views I've had that day. Some days it's just a few...other days it a whole lot more! When I started my blog I set the goal to reach 1000 views. There was no time limit on this, but it was just a little crazy dream, a little seed my Dad had planted in my mind as a possible achievement. I think he said something like 'Imagine if it reached 1000 views this year...'
Well, I've been meaning to post this post for a long time now, but I've reached my 1000 views. In fact I reached it around mid-November! I'm so happy! And now I'm almost at 3000 views! Woohoo! So many more than I thought I would get in a whole year, let alone a few months!
Thank you to everyone single person that reads the ramblings I post on here! I now have readers in every corner of the world (I know it's round but...) like, Australia, the Philippines, Denmark, France, the States, Canada, Taiwan, Jamaica, Ireland - and of course the lovely UK! So many other places as well, I'm sorry if I missed where your reading from out!
This item on my list of 100 things was out of my control. All I could do is write blog posts, that I enjoy to write and hope that someone might enjoy reading them. Thank you if you've read've helped me tick something off my list!
Post again on Sunday, when I have a big Stroke and Life Related Update for you!



  1. Congratulations! Came across your blog yesterday and you're doing such a good job with it :)

  2. Well done Han, can't believe u reached that so quickly! That's awesome 😊 xxx