My 100 Things | #43 Give a Homemade Gift

I think homemade gifts are not just more personal but I feel like no matter how small the gift it, it shows thought and effort, something which makes a gift have a lot of love.
I posted an entire blog post the homemade gifts I made at Christmas.
Check that out here!

The three I gave them too all loved them. The only problem I found with giving edible homemade gifts was that as soon as the receiver had opened it, I threw a whole heap of correct storage conditions information at them....I should have wrote 'keep in the fridge' on the back of the label - that would have been a lot easier!
I added this item to my 100 things list because I love receiving homemade gifts, and I love a project, so I thought I would enjoy doing it, and I did! It felt like everyone was very appreciative  of the effort I put in!
A very short post today, but I hope you check out my homemade gift post by the above link - I might make some more homemade presents at some point this year and blog about those!
Post again soon!

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