Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Happy New Year! My first blog post of 2015! And my first post in a new look's on it's way to being finished! I'm going to be starting some of my posts with a little quote, I'm one for a motivational quote so this is something I think will suit my blog a lot! Hope you like the idea...?
I thought I'd start the new year with a post about my plans for this year.
Do I have any New Years Resolutions? No, not really, I never end up sticking to them....does anyone? But I do have some goals that I'm going to try to reach/achieve...

1) Give my blog a bit of a redesign - kind of on my way to achieving this one. It's a work in progress! I just want to make it more ''me''!
2) Fundraise for the Stroke Association - they've helped me a lot over the past few months, and are still helping me too this day, so at some point this year I'd like to help them out somehow...plans on how to do this are work in progress.
3) Go to Uni - for any other 18 year old this probably isn't much of a goal, more of a plan, but it was my plan, and that got postponed, so it is now my goal to go this year!

4) Live life to the full - a very soppy one, but life's short, enjoy it!

5) Laugh more - this is the best kind of medicine
There are other things, that I think of like eat less more more exercise, drink more water (I actually bought some vitamin water yesterday...a whole new me!) and all those common ones, I'll try them - I don't have much hope!
Looking back on 2014, what a year! My life changed forever! There were many ups and downs, but I wouldn't change the past year for the world. Sometimes, you have to go through bad times to appreciate the good times. A lot seemed to happen at once for me in the second half of 2014. I had the stroke, got my A-Level results, my friends left for Uni, my Nan sadly passed wasn't an easy time. But, I know it sounds cheesy, I definitely think everything over the past year has made me a different person.

I feel like I make less first impressions now. I wasn't a judgemental person before I don't think, but I know what it feels like, to see people looking at you, but not be able to explain why you're in the position you are. I don't want to be the person that makes someone else feel like that. That's something I'll keep working on this year...

I thought I'd just share a few of my Instagram snaps from the past year for you. I took pictures a lot last year and it's something I intend to do this year as well!

I'm looking forward to 2015, it's a brand new year, and I'm excited about what the future holds! I have a feeling this might be a very good year (it's got to be better than the last one!)
Happy New Year to everyone reading this! I hope 2015 is a good one!
Do you have any New Years Resolutions?

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  1. Hey Hannah, thanks for infecting us with a good dose of positivity! If you want to fundraise, we've got plenty of ideas at (we'd love to push you out of a plane!). We will certainly help you with your ideas too. Save the date of 10th May for our Step Out for Stroke in Scunthorpe Central Park! Hope to see you being crafty soon. Sally