Monthly Favourites | January 2015

It's time for my first monthly favourites of this year....and it's quite a mixed bunch. There's a beauty favourites mixed in with hair products, and completely random things that I don't think even belong to a category. Here goes...

Each month I've started to write notes as the month goes on of things I'm loving so that when I get to the end of the month I'm not frantically trying to think of things I've loved that month (this has happened before!). On the morning of the 1st of January I opened my notes page, and that night I added my first favourite! I knew instantly I'd love them. They're my new PJ's! I love a good pair of cosy pyjamas (who doesn't?) but these are especially lovely. They're from Primark and I got them as a Christmas present - surely it isn't just me who gets a new pair of pyjamas every year? I'm not complaining! Their white with penguins all over them, and are a really traditional style, which I think is just super wintery and warm!

Next up is a hair favourite and it's the L'Oreal Studio Line Matt and Messy Salt Spray. I bought this towards the beginning of December and in a Blogmas post I did all about my Haircare essentials, I said how I'd only been using it for a few days but was beginning to really love it. Well, it's a month later, and I'm using it all the time. The bottle is quite small so there isn't a lot of product in one, but you don't need a lot, and it's a really affordable buy.
This adds texture and grip to my hair once I've dried it, and tames that out of control chaos, but keeps volume, and the messy look if that makes sense. It does what it says it would, and it's become a firm favourite of mine over the past few weeks.

Only those of you reading who take regular medication will understand my pain when I say how hard it is to remember to take it if your routine changes. I find it so easy to forget to take my tablet if I'm in a rush in the morning or if I don't have my everyday evening routine. If you don't take any tablets, then you'll probably find this favourite very strange, and very uninteresting, but a few months ago I bought a medication pot...thrilling, I know. Anyway, this month it has been a saviour to me as I have been out and about, and the amount of times, I doubt if I've taken it has been huge, so it's always good to be able to look at the day and see if the pot is empty or not. I'd really recommend getting one if you struggle like I do.
I'm a big fan of changing up my nail polish, and applying and removing twice a week in December began to take it's toll on my nails throughout January. I've been using the Soap and Glory Hand Food for the entire month, applying a little bit to my nails every night has really made a big difference. They aren't as brittle, and I think using the cream has really moisturised and strengthened them. I wouldn't say this is it's specific's called Hand Food, not Nail Food, but it's definitely been feeding them with a whole lot of loveliness - and it smells amazing!

 Finally is a Winter Lip Saviour. It's the Burt's Bees nourishing lip balm. I would go as far to say this is the best lip balm I've ever owned. It's something I would repurchase over and over again, so I always had one in my bag. It smells delicious, really fruity, and doesn't taste all horrible. It's so nourishing, and really hydrating. It's really helped my chapped, weather worn, winter lips this month.

That's it for this month! Can you believe it's already the end of January!
What would be in your January favourites?


  1. Hannah I think I may have to get the matt spray :)

    1. You must! I only got it because it was on a 3 for 2 offer....will buy it over and over again now!