A Mini Zara Haul

The combination of Zara Clothing and a Sale usually makes a very expensive trip, and a recent trip was no different. But I did get to the point where my arm could take no more, and the weight of clothing was about to pull me to the ground. I saw so many bargains (A sale is one thing that Zara definitely knows how to do!) but decided I needed to ask myself those very horrible questions....do I want it, need it, or will I even wear it? There were many items that fell at this final hurdle, so I only ended up buying two (the title was right saying it was a mini haul!), here they are....

Firstly I picked up this gorgeous black linen, long sleeve, slightly sheer, necklined jeweled top! I don't own any top that has a jeweled neckline but it's something I lust after everytime I see someone else wearing one. I think they are so versatile, and can just dress up a pair of jeans, so are perfect for those, I don't want to be dressed up, or too casual kind of days! It was £25.99 reduced to £12.99.

Secondly (and lastly) is a casual long sleeve top. This was £9.99 in the sale, and I've thrown the label away so I'm not sure how much it started out as but I have a feeling it was £21.99 originally. Anyhow it was a great saving. I really love the back of this and the way to two different fabrics meet on the sleeves and look like short sleeves over long ones.
I don't own many long sleeve tops, in fact I think I had one before this shopping trip. But I'm very pleased my collection is growing, they are comfortable and warm, and I don't think I ever wore them because I thought they'd always irritate me around my wrists, but they don't! They're great....shame it's going to be spring soon!

That's the end of today's post, hope you've enjoyed looking at a couple of my latest buys!
See you on Sunday!

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