My 100 Things | #18 Go to a Christmas Market

So Blogmas is over and Christmas has passed. But I whilst I sit here in my food coma surrounded by empty chocolate wrappers, I thought I would write a slightly festive post about a recent trip to Manchester Christmas Market. Visiting a Christmas Market was on my list of 100 things to do this year so I am glad I've ticked it off - if I didn't do it at Christmas I wouldn't be able to. I'm even happier it was Manchester I got to visit because that's where I'll be studying next year and visiting got me a little bit more excited!

Anyway, I went with my best friend Robyn who now lives and works in Manchester. She is so grown up now, she has her own flat, earns a full wage - she pays bills! She's a proper adult now! Anyway, we went to the Christmas Market and spent many hours wandering around the little huts and spending far too much money. I got some Christmas Presents though...

We started the day by visiting what was probably my favourite stall of the day. It was called Sugar 245 and sold the most a-ma-zing marshmallows I have ever tasted! When we saw the stand we tried some of the free samples and exchanged the 'these are amazing and I can't speak because they are so good' look. Once we'd finished eating our way through the free samples we decided to buy a pack between us (we didn't want to spend all our money on the first stall).

Mmmmmmm, delicious!
I can't recommend them enough. We went for Chocolate and Orange, Vanilla and Blueberry and Blackcurrant and Champagne. They were all very delicious, so I may treat myself to some more from their website!

If you would like to check their website out, click here.

I loved the way Manchester Market was set out. There were little clusters of stalls set on a trail around the streets, and at every cluster, there was one stall that always caught my eye. In October (when Christmas Decorations come in to shops far too soon!) my mum saw a giant Santa that she really liked for our hallway, but she never bought it. Anyway, there were loads of stalls with similar things and I decided to buy my Mum and Dad a giant reindeer for Christmas! I really didn't think it through at the time because I had to get it home on the train along with my unnecessarily large handbag, and overnight suitcase...and my mum was picking me up from the station so I had to hide it in a giant bag - very subtle!
They liked it anyway!
These are similar to what is now in our my hallway! Cute!
I adore coffee! It's one of my favourite things! I got Dad (and myself) some coffee as a Christmas Present. I got the chocolate and caramel flavoured ones! I think they're going to be one of our favourites as they smell amazing! I can't remember what the company is called...argh, but hopefully I'll be able to pick some up from somewhere at some point!

Manchester Christmas Market has closed now, but it'll be back next year and I'm looking forward to going. I would completely recommend going to a Christmas got me in the festive spirit!

Happy New Year!

Love, Hannah x

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