Blogmas Day 10 | Christmas Nail of the Week: Penguins

It's another week and time for a new Christmas Nails Post. This time I decided I would try to paint my nails with a penguin design - what was I thinking? It's pretty detailed, and was quite time consuming.

Because it took a long time I decided I would go for an accent nail only and paint the rest a plain black gloss so not to distract from it.

Here is the finished set...

I used:

What to do:
1) Paint the entire nail black

Leave to dry

2) Paint 2/3 of the nail white from the tip downwards.
3) Add two white spots just above the cuticle

Leave to dry

4) Add a black dot in the centre of each of the white dots.
5)Add an orange beak and feet.

It's so important with this design to allow each layer to dry before you apply the next. Because the base coat is black it is a very strong colour and formula, so you may need to apply the white layer more then once or twice.

Last week I did a Christmas Pudding design so check that out here if you'd like!

I'll do another nail design post next week but there'll be plenty more posts before then as I'm blogging everyday until Christmas!

See you soon,

Love, Hannah x

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