Blogmas Day 3 | Christmas Nail Of The Week

I'm going to paint my nails with a Christmassy design each week of December and I'll share each one with you. This week I've gone for Christmas puddings. They were super easy and I had all the colours already.

Here's the finished set...

I used:

What to do:

1) Paint your entire nail with any Brown Nail Polish
2) Paint the cuticle end of your nail white. Spread the polish to give a dripping effect.

I used a nail art pen for the next couple of steps....

3) Add dots to the centre of the white Nail Varnish in a red shade to represent berries
4) Add green lines to represent leaves

Finally I finished with a clear top coat!

So that is my first Christmas Nail Design. There'll be another next week!

See you tomorrow!

Love Hannah x

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