Blogmas Day 2 | My Top 10 Christmas Songs

Listening to Christmas songs have to be one of the best things about Christmas! December just isn't December if it isn't filled with the same Christmas songs on repeat!

I thought I'd struggle to come up with 10 songs but once I got going I came up with a lot more than 10. Unfortunately some songs, despite being absolute classics, just didn't make the here are my Top 10 Christmassy Tunes that did:

All I want for Christmas is You! By Mariah Carey

Everyone sings along when this comes on the radio, right? Yes. If you don't sing along...are you the Grinch? This is an absolute classic and I think one of the best selling Christmas songs of all time. I'm not a massive Mariah fan, but you got to give it to her....her voice is crazy good on this song!

Silent Night
A traditional Christmas Carol had to make it onto the list somewhere and it came in at number 9. It's one of my favourite Christmas songs as I find it quite relaxing and relaxing is all what Christmas is about.
Santa Claus is coming to town! By The Crystals
''He knows if you've been good or bad, so be good for goodness sake!''
This line is a throwback to my childhood, as I'm pretty sure when every child meets 'Santa' they're asked if they've been good this year?
Any John Lewis Christmas Advert Song
Each year, around mid-November, when all the Christmas adverts start coming out everyone looks forward to seeing the John Lewis Advert. And every year the soundtrack to it end up at the Top of The Charts.
Tom Odell's 'Real Love' is the background to the most adorable Advert from them this year that bring me to tears everytime I see it!
Last Christmas! By Wham!
Who doesn't love this song? Everyone knows the lyrics to this one!
Also, I think this is probably the song that I play first every December and it doesn't fail to get me in a festive mood!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! By Michael Buble
Michael Buble + Christmas = Perfection.
In all honesty, his entire Christmas Album could have made it into my top 10 but this is one was the best of them all!
Do they know it's Christmas? By Band Aid
A charity song that, to this day, is still raising money to beat starvation around the world. I think, for a song to be created thirty years ago, and still to be having an effect means it is a pretty special song!
Merry Christmas Everyone! By Shakin' Stevens
''Snow is falling, all around me, children playing, having fun. It's the season, of love and understanding, Merry Christmas Everyone''
''Time for parties and celebration, people dancing all night long, time for presents, and exchanging kisses. Time for singing, Christmas songs!''
Christmas is pretty much summed up in the first few lines of the song. That is a good Christmas song!

I wish it could be Christmas Everyday! By Wizzard
I don't wish it was Christmas everyday because there would be no excitement, but this is a great song, with a super catchy tune!

*Drumroll please*

Do they know it's Christmas time? By Band Aid 30
The original has already appeared in my top 10 but the brand new song makes it in at my Number 1!
It's took the top spot because it's a new Christmas song, and a lot of the classics are from many years ago, sung by a whole heap of brilliant singers that I love, and is in the run to be this years Christmas Number 1! The first a Christmas song has been Christmas Number one since....probably before X Factor began!
But most importantly this song is raising money to fight the Ebola Crisis in West Africa!
So go download'll be helping someone in need this Christmas!
So that's it! Blogmas Day 2 done and an insight into my Christmas playlist!

I'm pretty sure this list is going to be very different for each person, what would be on your Christmas playlist

See you tomorrow,
Love Hannah x




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