Blogmas Day 7 | Making the house all Christmassy

It's that time of year, the first weekend of December, when we put up our Christmas Decorations! Yay! It always feels more festive when the house is all Christmassy and I definitely feel in the Christmas Spirit now!

My family is a pretty sentimental one and we end up getting some new decorations most years, so the decorations on our tree are very mismatched and there is no theme to them at all, but most have a memory behind them so that makes them pretty special!

Earlier this year, my Dad and I went to a local garden centre and picked up a couple of new decorations, both similar to each other but different from things we already have.
I love these because they catch the light from the lights on the tree so shine different colours depending on the angle you're looking at them from.

I also love a good fibre optic Christmas Tree and we have a little one that sits on our kitchen worktop. I like it but it isn't quite tacky we have a light up Giant Santa! Woohoo! I think this is may favourite Christmas decoration of them all. He's so cute!

So that's it. A really brief post about decorating my house for Christmas. I don't make my bedroom as Christmassy as I'd like actually...I'll have to pick some stuff up in the January Sales so that next year my room can look like Santa's Grotto!

Post again tomorrow,

Love, Hannah x

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