Blogmas Day 17 | Present Wrapping-aholic

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is wrapping presents. I love to give gifts to people and seeing them all prettily wrapped just makes it even more Christmassy.

This year I've decided to go for the rustic look. I've gone with brown (very boring!) wrapping paper and then added cute ribbons, gift tags and bows, so the accessories on the gift are the main part of the wrapping and make it more interesting. Does that make any sense? I hope so...

I've spent the last few weeks looking around different places for different craft items I could use for my gift wrapping.
I've bought a lot from The Range and Hobbycraft. I also went into Paperchase, somewhere I thought would be really expensive but it actually wasn't that bad. I didn't get anything but they had a lot of small baubles (designed to put on your tree) that I thought would look good tied onto ribbons on a present, so I'll definitely get some of those for next year - I'm that into wrapping presents I'm already planning next Christmas before this one is done!
I absolutely love these little wooden gift tags I picked up from a shop that sold little gifts that was quite orientated around quotes and sayings, in a local shopping centre. I can't remember the price but they were less than £1 each and after Christmas they can be used as decorations for our Christmas tree next year. I think they are just super cute!
So that's it for today. A very short, very random post, but something I love - is it weird that I enjoy wrapping presents so much? I'm sure I'm not the only one!
Have a good day and I'll see you tomorrow.
Love, Hannah x

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