Blogmas Day 15 | Haul: E.L.F Cosmetics Nail Polishes

If you've read any of my other blog posts there are many where I have mentioned how much of a fan I am of the Smoky Brown E.L.F nail polish. I bought it the first time I ever shopped on E.L.F's website and absolutely fell in love. I really like the formula of it. It glides onto my nails really easily, and dries really quickly. I also like how after just a couple of coats I have a really strong colour, and even though when I bought it I was expecting a lighter colour, I was really pleased with it. After my first purchase on E.L.F was a success I signed up to the newsletter.

It was thanks to this newsletter that I found out E.L.F were doing a Christmas Advent Calendar type thing on their website. Everyday they would run different offers, and they other day I was very much attracted to the free postage! Since I loved the nail polish I bought so much I decided I would take the opportunity of free postage to get some more!

I picked up six different colours.
L - R: Glamour Girl, Metal Madness, Misty Haze, Smokin' Hot, Chocolate, Mod Mauve

I went for some darker colours, and others that I just thought would be really nice for Winter.

I particularly love the Red varnish. I think Smokin' Hot is such a funny name, and I love the vibrancy of the colour. I've been looking for a red polish for quite some time now, as I was really wanting one for Christmas. I think that this one fits the bill perfectly and with the same fantastic formula as a previous favourite, I think this is going to become a go-to bright in my nail varnish collection.

I really love the purple varnish I bought. Already in my collection I have a very old, very dark purple polish, that looks almost black once a couple of coats have been applied. I picked this one up because of the little bits of glitter. Now it's arrived and I've put it on my nails, I love the way it picks up the light and shines. It'd be perfect for a Christmas night out!

Those are a couple of my favourites and at the bargain prices they are, I think they are FANTASTIC!
I paid £1 for the Chocolate and Metal Madness polishes (they're being discontinued so it's while stocks last for those) and the rest were £2.50.

I was in desperate need of some new, Christmassy nail varnishes, so I don't feel too guilty for indulging in all of those - and it was free postage!
Anyway, that's all for today! Hope you've enjoyed this post!
Love, Hannah

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