Blogmas Day 5 | DIY: Christmas Cards

I used to make a few cards when I was really little. I'd go OTT with the glitter and stick so many little bows on that it would be impossible to shut the envelope.

When I went to my Art and Craft Club with the Stroke Association last week, we went all Christmassy and the volunteers had bought in a whole heap of Christmas Card making bits and bobs. I got the bug for going all Crafty again so I went to Hobbycraft and The Range and picked up some really affordable blank cards, and Christmas themed bits.

Rather than going OTT this time I went for the less is more approach and decided simplicity was a bit more sophisticated.

If you want to see more about what I used and what the cards finished up like, keep reading....

What you will need:

It's completely up to you what designs you would like to do on your card.

Here are some that I did:

The pack of Decoupage sheets only cost me a couple of pounds and I was able to make quite a few cards out of one pack. It was a really affordable way to do it. I also bought the pack of 30 cards for about £3 so making my own didn't turn out too expensive in the end.

I'll be back for more blogmas tomorrow :) Hope you're enjoying them :)

Love, Hannah x

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