Blogmas Day 13 | Winter Haircare Essentials

If I don't use products on my hair it can be absolutely wild. I particulary think that during Winter it's important to look after it because it always feels so dry and looks lifeless if I don't.

I've been shopping recently and I have been trying out a few new products. I also have some go-to products that I buy over and over again. I thought I'd share a few with you...

I'll start with heat defence. This was something I always had in my cupboard but always forgot to use. I don't know why, I would just be so desperate to get my hair dried (it takes ages!) that I'd only think about using it 10 minutes after I'd turned the hairdryer on. I started to make a conscious effort of using it and I have seen a massive difference. The one I particularly love is this one by Schwarzkopf. I've used it for a while now and find that, unlike some other products I've tried, it settles into my hair quickly, so I can spray it on dry hair, take the straighteners to it, and it won't sizzle because my hair's become damp. It's really affordable and a little bit of product makes a lot of difference.

This is a new purchase and I've only been using it for a few days. I'd heard good things about Salt-Sprays and was eager to try one for myself. I picked up this one from the L'Oreal Studio Line range. I love it. It isn't sticky like I was worried it would be and I can instantly tell a difference when I've used it. It really adds texture to my hair without it being drying. My only drawback to this product is the bottle it comes in. I like the shape, but the nozzle is quite fierce, and a lot of product is fired out at once so be sure to hold it away from you hair so it spreads evenly.

Only a few days ago when I went into Boots were L'Oreal Studio Line products on 2 for £4. I decided I would repurchase a product I use whenever I have my hair wavy or curly. It's the L'Oreal Studio Line TXT Wave Creating Spray. I apply to wet or damp hair before I blow dry it as the heat helps activate it. Having said this, I also use it when I am allowing my hair to dry naturally, even though I'm applying no heat, it still has an effect. I would really recommend it if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, and want to keep these in place once your hair is exposed to the Winter Weather.
My final winter hair product essential is a dry shampoo. I bought the Refresh Me Quick Dry Shampoo from VO5 a few months ago and I'm still on my first bottle but I will be rebuying it soon as it is about to run out - a little goes a long way! It's the only one of their dry shampoo products I've bought, and I like it because it does what it says on the bottle - it refreshes my hair, giving it a bit of volume, really quickly. It doesn't leave any white marks like some other dry shampoo's do either. I like the fact it comes in different sized bottles as well - very handy for travelling!

So that's it, there are a few of my Winter Haircare Essentials.
I hope you've enjoyed this little blog post.
Thanks for reading.
Love, Hannah x
P.S All the products featured in this post were bought from either Boots or Superdrug incase you were wondering! Thanks, see you tomorrow for more blogmas!

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