Blogmas Day 18 | My first Christmas Jumper

Yesterday I succumbed to buying my first ever Christmas jumper! I wanted to pick one up last year but never did, and I've been meaning to get one for this Christmas for the past month or so but just haven't got around to it. I went into Primark last week and they were basically all out of Christmas Jumpers! All my hopes of getting a Christmas Jumper had been destroyed...or so I thought - I went into a different Primark store yesterday and they had some Christmas Jumpers! Woooohooo! Oh yeah!

Anyway, I tried a couple on and ended up settling on a style I'd seen on somebody else last year and wished I'd bought!

Here am I rocking my Christmas Jumper....

I absolutely love it! I am slightly worried that the 3D carrot knitted nose will begin to get on my nerves after a while, but I'm sure the snowman cuteness will make me forgive the irritating nose. I also love this because the back of the jumper is the back of the snowman as well and it isn't just plain boring white or blue.

I'd really recommend going to Primark if you're looking for a Christmas Jumper. They are actually really good quality and super warm - I've heard Asda had some good designs as well but I'm not sure if they are still stocking them!

Anyway, my snowman doesn't yet have a name...any suggestions?

See you tomorrow...

Love, Hannah x