Blogmas Day 9 | TAG: Sweater Weather Tag

I've had most of my blogmas posts planned since the end of November but Day 9 had always been a blank. Last night I was searching the tinternet for inspiration and saw the Sweater Weather Tag on a few different blogs so thought I'd note the questions down and post this tag today! Let's go...

Favourite Candle Scent?
I never buy expensive candles. I tend to only get them from high street stores and don't have a specific favourite but I like anything that has a cinnamon or spiced scent at this time of year.

Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
Coffee. Every single time. Although I do like a hot chocolate at night, wrapped up in a blanket, watching TV.

Best Autumn Memory?
I can't think of any. Terrible answer, sorry!

Which make up trend - winged eye liner or a dark lip?
I fail at winged eye liner so I'll say dark lip. I like wearing a colour on my lips in the Autumn to brighten up a dark outfit.

Hats or Scarves?
Both. I wear a scarf nearly everyday in this weather and always have a beanie in my bag.

Most worn jumper?
A cream, ribbed, three quarter sleeve one from H&M. It goes with everything!

Favourite Autumnal Nail Varnish?
I like dark blue's at this time of year. I have a lot of Fearne Cotton Nail Varnish's and tend to alternate between them in Autumn. I also have an E.L.F cosmetics varnish in the shade Smoky Brown which featured in my November Favourite whish I wear quite a lot too.

Skinny Jeans or Leggings?

Boots or Uggs?
Boots - I don't really find Uggs that comfortable. Surely I'm not the only one who doesn't find them comfortable?

So that is it for another day of Blogmas. Hope you enjoyed it!

Love, Hannah :)

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