Blogmas Day 11 | #TBT: My First Christmas

I recently dug out all our old photo albums from the attic and found a lot of pictures from my first Christmas - the time when photos were taken on one of those big, heavy, disposable cameras and you had to take it to the camera to shop to have the photos developed! Wow! Anyway, I thought I would share a couple of little pictures with you so you can have a good old laugh on your Thursday night! (I have a feeling this post may come back to haunt me at some point!)
Here they are:
Don't laugh at the dressing gown! I'm sure it must have been the fashion in 1996!
I was such a chubby little baby, with a tiny bit of Ginger Hair! I'm sure my mum thought I was cute!
I decided I would put them into a bit of a collage format in order to minimise the amount of space they take up on the page, and hopefully minimise the embarrassment! This was the age where the Christmas wrapping paper was as interesting as the Christmas presents, if not more so!
This was also the only Christmas I had as the only child in the family. Although I have no brothers or sisters, in the following year I was joined by one of my cousins. Christmas became a lot more fun when there we loads of us!
I hope you enjoyed this post! See you again tomorrow for more blogmas!
Love, Hannah x

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