Blogmas Day 12 | Winter Fashion: Scarves

I have a very extensive scarf collection, and an addiction to buying them that is very unhealthy. I wear one everyday, and given the current temperature in England they are an essential in my wardrobe. I thought I'd share a few with you, all the ones I've picked out are knitted or thick, cosy scarves, I do have other styles, but these are the type I wear most in Autumn/Winter. 

Firstly is this grey, woollen, knitted one. I bought it a good couple of years ago in Primark for only a few pounds. It had made it's way to the back of my scarf draw (Yes, I have an entire draw under my bed dedicated to scarves - told you it was an unhealthy addiction), but I recently rediscovered it when I bought a beanie in a similar colour and texture. It's super, super cosy! 

Secondly, is a Christmas Present from last year. I'd been on the hunt for a checked scarf for quite a while but could never find one I liked. Last Christmas, my Mum got me this scarf from H&M. I have no idea what the price was, but I imagine it to be good value because it is really good quality and I've washed it a lot, and it's still super soft. My only negative with this scarf is when I wrap it around my neck it ends up being quite short...I wear it loosely around my neck a lot but it isn't as warm this way.
Next up, this Pink Snood is another Primark bargain. It's absolutely huge which is good because the wool is quite thin so I'm glad there is lots of it or it wouldn't be as warm. I wear this quite a lot towards the end of Winter when it's going into spring, because I think the pink brightens up an outfit so makes it more Spring like!

Finally, is this burgundy snood. It has a few small little burgundy sequins on it which I really love! It's another H&M one and I think it was a gift as I can't remember buying it. I love the colour and I'm always told it compliments my hair! It is one of my favourite and I wear it a lot!

Everything else I am Wearing:
Coat - New Look
Purple, Ribbed Jumper - H&M
Grey, Ripped, Skinny Jeans - Primark
Shoes - Converse
Hope you've enjoyed this sneak peak into my wardrobe!
Love, Hannah x

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