My 100 Things | #14 Go to the Zoo

Going to the zoo...a thought that bring back very happy memories of many days spent staring at the monkeys with my Nan and Grandad during the summer holidays at their local zoo. Why did I add it to my list? To bring back those memories, except to do it, I took a trip to a very different zoo with one of my closest friends.
 My friend Alex's parents adopted a Giraffe for her for Christmas - she has enough Giraffe memorabilia in her room to set up a gift shop. They gave her two tickets to the South Lakes Safari Park, about an hours drive from her house, and she very kindly offered one to me. So I jumped on the train and headed up to Lancaster to see her. I spent a couple of days there and we visited the zoo on one of them.
I feel like pictures say a thousand words - so here are a few...



There we have it then, a few little picture collages from a fantastic day out! I know there isn't a lot of writing in this post but I'm not really sure what to say. Sunny weather, plenty of ice cream, an emu who really didn't like me and some lovely memories! Alex, where ever in the country you are reading this because I can never keep up with where you are when, thanks for taking me, I had a great day.
See you again on Friday guys!



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