Fitness Friday: Week One

Those who know me will see the title of this post and think ''WHAT?! Hannah...exercise? My mind must be deceiving me''. Well they would have been right, only a few weeks ago in fact. But just a small amount of time has to pass for there to be big changes.

I gave running a try back in January and failed miserably. I just couldn't get into it, so I bought some running gear thinking if I looked like a runner I could fool myself into thinking I am a runner and do a lot better. Well that attempt failed as well and my running gear sat at the bottom of my wardrobe from all that time ago in January until mid April. A month or so ago, I was scrolling on the internet and found myself looking at running events. It's actually on my list of 100 things so it's definitely something I've had the intention of doing. In that very moment, I discovered a race near to where I live and kind of decided that I would end up signing up. Following that minute of madness, I basically bullied a couple of friends into signing up with me, so I wouldn't be alone (power in numbers I thought!). So now I'm in training for a 10K run! How did this happen?!

From today I'm starting a new series of posts. Every Friday I will be posting a fitness related update - how my training has been going in the week running up to that Friday (I'm aiming to run Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday but we'll see how that goes!) and other general fitness things!

From that babble of a paragraph, you can probably tell I don't really have any structured plans about how these weekly updates are going to go. But hopefully, on the 2nd August I'll be taking on 10K so I've got to sort myself out between now and then, so I'll have something to talk about at some point haha!

So this week is week one, update one! And to be honest running is going pretty well. I ran on Tuesday, and went for a run with Bridie (a friend who says she'll take on this challenge with me - who I would like to add is a lot fitter than me!) on Thursday. I ran 1.12 miles on Tuesday, and 2.7 on Thursday with Bridie. I'd say that yesterday with Bridie though we only ran about 60% but we did walk the other 40% at a good pace. My ankles are really hurting though - if anyone reading has any sort of ankle advice please feel free to leave a comment!
Right, that's it for today then. Update one was pretty short but I'm hoping I'll start improving soon and the updates will be able to get a bit longer!
See you on Sunday!



  1. Hannah this is making me feel less and less prepared as I slob around revising!! 3 Friday's time and I'll start running too! Ankle problems can be to do with trainers not giving enough support, there's a Nike outlet shop at Junction 32 I might go to to ask about that because I'm struggling too xxx

  2. Revising is important! Hope it's all going well! Join us when you get back home! I've bought some cushioned socks and they seem to be helping (listen to us talking about running like we know what we're on about!) haha xx

  3. It may be important but it's super boring...debating going for a run while I'm here... X and that's a good idea, didn't think of padded socks :) and this is the tip of the iceberg, by like the month before we'll be running experts! Haha ;) xxx