My 100 Things | #7 Get a Starbucks cup with my name on it

My excitement went off the scale this week when I achieved one of my life ambitions - to get a Starbucks Barista to ask me my name, write it on my coffee cup, and serve me my coffee. Let me tell you more...

I love a good cup of coffee. It's verging on an unhealthy addiction. I'm a regular at Starbucks, Costa, and I love a good take out coffee in my hand whenever I'm travelling, shopping, working, writing...I just love coffee.

Although I've spent a far too large proportion of my wages on take out coffees I've never get one from Starbucks where they've asked my name and wrote it on the cup. I thought that was just a thing they did, they first couple of times I thought I was just unlucky, then I began to wonder if they had something against me. But this week... I realised Starbucks did love me.
Whilst travelling to visit my friend in Lancaster this week, I stopped off at Manchester Piccadilly Station. I had a few minutes to spare so thought I would pop into Starbucks. I asked my usual Latte and she said 'Can I take your name please?' Those are words that I've waited a long time to hear. I replied with a slightly too excitable look on my face, I be she thought I was very strange - but oh well. I waited for my coffee and almost skipped out of Starbucks. She actually wrote my name on the cardboard bit around the cup (don't know what it's called) but it has meant I can keep it more hygienically that I would have done an actual coffee cup!
On the way home, Alex drove us back, and we stopped at a service station on the motorway - for myself it was another opportunity to grab a coffee, for Alex it was a little break from driving! We popped into Starbucks and she said 'and what name is that?' I'm sorry? Did I hear that right? Are you asking me my name? Twice in two days! I'd waited all that time and my dreams come true twice in two days! Anyway, this time she wrote it on the actual cup!
My life is made!
See you next time guys!





  1. Haha, great blog Hannah, your face when he asked your name in the way home 😂 xxx

  2. That's really funny, I can imagine you getting so excited over it! Sounds like a lucky two days! xxx