Fitness Friday: Week Two

Another week, another fitness update. I ended last week's update saying I was intending to run every Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday. Erm...yeah, let me update you on how that's going!

On Friday night I set my alarm with the complete intention of getting up at 7am to go for a run. I don't know what it is but I have to run in the morning, I find it a lot harder to run in the evening. My Mum and Dad were going out on Saturday, so I wanted to get my run out of the way early on - but my bed just seemed too comfy and I pressed snooze a few too many times. Saturday morning run = FAIL!

But I did spend some time on Saturday looking at Ankle Strengthening exercises and giving a few a go. I'm still practicing them on my none run days, so I'll see how they go and maybe give a few links to some if they are still working later on in my training!

I hadn't plan to run on Sunday morning but considering I failed so much on Saturday, I decided to get up far too early for a Sunday, and go for a run. I did my best mile yet! I walked for 200 metres at a really brisk pace, and then I ran for about half a mile. Then I spent a couple of minutes stretching my legs and it made a massive difference. It gave my legs a new lease of life and I kept running. I then walked for a bit, maybe only about 50 metres and then ran again. In total I went one mile! Not far (I did go further last week) but it was the best one mile yet!

Tuesday was another run day and I did 1.34 miles. Foolishly, I went over the fields near where I live the day after the heaviest downpour in weeks - the result was a lot of sliding about and some very muddy shoes.
Thursday is the day I run with one of my race buddies Bridie. Last week we did 2.7 miles but walked around 40%, so our target was to go a similar distance but run more. We started out walking about 200 metres and then started running. And we kept running. And we ran a bit further. Although we did 2.7 miles last week we did struggle. We run to a point and then run back (each way works out as half - hope that makes sense) and last weeks half way point came and went and we were still feeling pretty good. Bridie's ankles go bright red though - it's like all the blood rushes to her feet! But anyway, we ended up running 3.17 miles, 5K!!!!!
Half of our final target!

We also completed our sign up yesterday afternoon and we are now officially running the York 10K race! I also realised last week I said I was running this 10K race but I never updated you as too who for. Well, over the past year The Stroke Association have given me so much support, it's time I gave a little something back, they are my charity of choice. What's even better is Bridie has seen how much they've helped me and she is running for them as well!

There's also a little button that appeared on the right sidebar of my blog. If you'd like to donate to my just giving page that would be very kind of you! Every penny would be much appreciated, thank you!
Anyway, better get back to my stretching! We're actually doing this!
See you on Sunday!

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