Monthly Favourites | April 2015

April has shown the first signs of Spring and Summer here in the UK, and I have a very summery April Favourites for you today. April in itself is a favourite for me as it's actually my favourite month of the year! Keep reading to see what made it into this month's favourites...

 First up is a DVD that I have had on repeat constantly - it hasn't come out my DVD player, I'm obsessed! It's called ''Love, Rosie'' and I actually saw it around November time in the cinema with a friend. I'd seen the trailer for it a few weeks beforehand and thought 'that looks so good, I have to go and see that'. I say that about so many films and never get around to going though, but I made sure we went to see this one. I was not disappointed and I was super excited about the release of the DVD. I picked it up at the beginning of April and I just can't stop watching it. It's not one of those typical boy meets girl, fall in love, fall out, fall back in love kind of films, it's about Rosie and Alex who have been friends all their lives, and actually do end up falling in love with each other but life gets in the way and keeps them apart. It's funny, sad, heart-warming - just is a really good film! I'd definitely recommend it if you like that sort of romantic comedy kind of film.

Onto a couple of beauty favourites now. Firstly is the Umberto Gianinni Catwalk Beauty Hairspray. It's something I've rediscovered because I got it for Christmas a couple of years ago and used the rest of the products in the set but kind of forgot about this one. Hairspray wasn't something I really used but with this shorter haircut I've just had I'm using a hairspray to keep it in place more while I get used to it. This one is lovely. It smells fantastic and leaves a gorgeous shine. It's really lightweight but doesn't just drop out of my hair so it's definitely a winner for me. It's price is £6, so not the cheapest of hairspray but it is really good so if you'd like an indulgence, I'd recommend this one!

Now to nail polish from Rimmel in the shade 200 Orange Your Life. It's their lasting finish formula and I featured it in my DIY Pedicure post back at the beginning of April - I've been wearing it on my toes since and it's barely chipped, the formula really is lasting! The colour is perfect for Spring and looks lovely with those summer sandles we're all desperate to bring from the back of the wardrobe.

Talking of shoes, another favourite of mine has been this gorgeous pair of pumps from River Island. I bought them a few months back but it has taken me so long to wear them in. They have covered my feet with blisters and it's taken a while, but we've finally got to the point in our relationship where plasters aren't needed and I think I'm a little bit in love. They're now really comfortable and I love the gold chain on them, think it makes them a little bit more 'edgy'.
That's it for the favourites today! I'll be back on Friday when I'm ticking more things off my list!


  1. have u read love, Rosie? its so sad! Although its the same author of PS - I Love You and that book made me laugh and cry too. you've convinced me to watch the film though and you're very welcome to read the book :) xx

  2. I downloaded the book but just couldn't get into it! You can borrow it anytime! Wait till you've finished your exams though because you'll want to have it on repeat! xx