My 100 Things | #40 Learn a new craft


I love handmade things. From gifts, to homeware, anything that's homemade automatically has my vote. I added this to my list as it was quite an open one, when I wrote it down I had no idea what my new craft would be - but now I've finished my project....

Around November I went to my friend Bridie's house for a cup of coffee and a good old chit chat! Now, a bit of background on Bridie - she is the kindest person you will ever meet, she doesn't have a bad bone in her body, and wants to help anyone. She's on a gap year like me, so we've been spending a lot of time together and I honestly don't know what I would do without her. Bridie loves trying new things, she'll turn her hand to anything homemade - from making her own clothes to baking enough cakes to sink a battleship, she'll do it! Her 'homemadeness' rubbed off on me, as that afternoon in November I sat down and she taught me how to Crochet! I was admiring the cosiest blanket ever that she had draped across her sofa (right buy her log burning fire - you can picture the scene!) and she said ' I made it, I'll show you how to do it'. I won't lie, I wasn't a natural, I did a stich, Bridie unpicked it, and we carried on like that for about an hour. But she sent me home with her blanket to practice some more and I got the bug.

When I went to drop it back Bridie's mum had started a blanket for me to do for myself. I kept it going, kept buying wool (I think I got a little bit addicted to buying wool!) and I've finally come to the point where I'm happy with the size of my blanket, and I've finally finished it!

Ironically, I did a purple blanket, because at the time I had a purple bedroom. It's taken me so long, I've since decorated my bedroom too blue and grey colours - so I'm starting again, and I plan on taking my purple one to Uni!
I've really enjoyed learning to do this. I hadn't done anything like this before, and neither had anyone in my family, so a lot of people have been admiring the finished product!
Anway, it's been five months in the making but that's something else ticked off my list of 100 things!


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  1. Hannah that's gorgeous! My rooms cream and know just FYI haha ;) xx