The DIY Pedicure

If the option was there to get a professional pedicure every week I probably would - having that 'freshly perfected feet' feeling has to be amongst the best of 'em! But aside from the fact it would cost me a small fortune going to the salon each week, I don't have the time to sit there and chatter away for two hours! So I've found the perfect at home pedicure routine to fit into a busy week...and I thought I would share it with you!

*WARNING: If you're one of those people who don't like feet - beware, this involves feet talk*

STEP ONE: Remove old nail polish

Just a cheap one, but I'll just buy anything that's on offer - don't have any preferences as long as it does the job

STEP TWO: Add foot oils/bath oils/bath bubbles to warm (not boiling!) water and soak feet for 10-15 minutes

This was limited edition for Christmas but I saw it still available on sale a couple of weeks ago. It creates loads of bubbles and leaves the water really soft

STEP THREE: Pat dry your feet with a clean towel

STEP FOUR: Exfoliate your feet by massaging in an exfoliating scrub

This smells insanely good so who cares that it isn't specifically designed for your feet! I really feels like it's done a good job!

STEP FIVE: Wet a pumice stone and rub stubborn dry skin on your heels - if you don't have that much dry skin just use a foot file

STEP SIX: Rinse feet with clean warm water

STEP SEVEN: Trim nails with nail clippers/scissors then file into shape with a nail file and push back cuticles

These came in a set from Boots or somewhere like that! And what are those cuticle things called - because I'm pretty sure 'cuticle pusher backer-er' isn't the technical name?

STEP EIGHT: Massage feet with a foot cream or body lotion

I got this in a Soap and Glory set, and being honest I'm not a huge fan of the smell, however it is so moisturising and leaves my feet feeling silky smooth. It's my favourite foot cream!

STEP NINE: Paint your nails with two coats of a bright spring nail polish (don't forget the base coat!)

The Body Shop Top and Base Coat, and Rimmel Lasting Finish 200 Orange Your Life polish!

Hope you liked this post! Have some me time and give yourself a little pedicure!

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