October Scrapbooking: Getting started

I'll start by saying I know it's mid way through November and I know this post is titled October Scrapbooking but time has completely ran away with me and I'm only getting around to showing you what I put in my scrapbook at the end of September and throughout October. I'm not 100% happy with all the pages, there's a couple I'll show you that I'm definitely thinking of changing but then there are some I just love so let's get going.

This first page is my opening page and probably the one I am most pleased of. The letters were really cheap from Hobbycraft and I love the colour. If you can't tell this page was all about the day I moved into Uni and it's simple but uses a lot of things I love, I love the little black memories sheet in the bottom corner, this was part of a pack from TKMaxx and I think it fits the theme of this page perfectly. Oh and how cute is the washi tape!

Next up is a page I'm not so happy with. Everything is taped down with something that can be removed - the washi tape and ribbons will peal away easily when I've decided on a layout I'm more happy with. If anyone has any ideas of any little extras I could add to this page then feel free to comment. I want it to gather the struggle of those first few days at uni, and the pictures aren't great so I wanted something extra and something about this page just isn't grabbing me right now.

I'm a fan of this next page because it contains a variety textures - the washi tape around the pictures, scraps of paper from the restaurant, a little bit of writing...it's just so mismatched and I actually really like that!


Finally this page is super simple but I actually really like it. The little letters almost look like tiles and I think by putting them in a little disorganised format, makes it much more casual. This was a turning point for me in that first week, where homesickness was beginning to fade away! The only negative about this picture is the camera it was taken on meant when I got it printed it cut me out - I was right next to the person on that left side haha!

Apologies for the picture quality in this post. The lighting in my uni room, my bedding as a background, and my phone camera don't make for the best quality pictures!
Hope you don't mind!

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