What you hold in your heart vs what you hold in your hands

A few weeks ago me and my housemates packed up our bags and headed for the Lake District for a girly staycation. We stayed in a youth hostel and planned to do a pretty cheap get away! It was more about the time together, some time in the outdoors, time to have a laugh that was the important bits! Some of my favourite memories from that trip are those just sat around having a laugh rather than doing some crazy adventure that meant spending loads of money. Inspired by Eventbrite's campaign of 'Experiences not Things' (an online service where people can respond to an invite you put out - check it out here) I thought in today's post I'd share what I'll be spending my money on in 2017 to make some great memories!

1) Girls Nights In
Going out is so 2016 - nights in for my and my housemates are where it's at this year. A while ago we had a curry and cocktails night. We splurged on a load of food, and ingredients to make some killer cocktails! The best bit about it all was the fun we had doing it all ourselves. We got some of our other coursemates over, and sat chatting and drinking away into the early hours! Definitely planning on doing our own BBQ's in the summer - in fact I bagsy being chief of the BBQ now! All we need is the weather!

2) Travelling around the country
I do not visit my friends enough at their various universities enough - nor do I go home that much either. This Spring/Summer I'm going to make it my mission to see my friends and family more where ever they may be in the country. I'm going to fill up my car and we'll hit the road!

3) Try new foods
I'm definitely planning on cooking more, baking more, and going to food fairs this summer. When the sun comes out there is nothing better than walking round a food market or sitting in the sun, catching the rays eating some delicious grub. I'm always worried I'll buy something I don't like and it'll be a waste of money, but if you don't try it, you'll never know!

4) Go to an outdoor concert
Last year BeyoncĂ© came to town at a venue near me and the wind blowing in the right direction we could sit in my housemates bath, with a brew, listening to Queen B herself through the skylight! This year I'm going one better and going to a festival myself - me and my friends are heading for Radio 1's Big Weekend in May! I will keep you updated on the events!

So there are the few things that I'm going to be putting my money into that leave me with great memories. What are your plans for this year?

Love, Hannah x

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