Five ways to deal with Hayfever

I had no intention of writing this post, and I know some people suffer with hayfever from the beginning of the year, and we're heading towards the end of July now, but this past couple of weeks has got me bad. The pollen count has been super high, and if you read my Fitness Friday posts you'll know for the past few weeks, it's been really difficult for me to deal with. But considering I've been struggling for a while, I thought I'd share a few things that make me prepared for a hayfever attack.

ONE: Carry tissues at all times. There is nothing worse then having Niagara falls run from your eyes and nose and having to use the back of your hand. I have a packet in every handbag, every jacket pocket, in the car, next to my bed. They are my best friend.

TWO: Find a tablet that works for you. I need to get mine sorted out, it's something I've been putting off. At the moment I'm using eye drops a couple of times a day (I use the Otrivine Antistin Drops) and managing without tablets - I say managing, I'm really not I'm just not taking any. Make sure the ones you take are compatible with any new medications you may be on since the last time you took them, it's no good taking them if they aren't going to work.

THREE: Wear sunglasses - even if it isn't sunny. You may look like a bit of a fool, but I find wearing sunglasses really helps protect my eyes from the pollen. I'm that person that wears them outside even if it's beginning to get dark, or doesn't take them off inside if I'm sat by a window, but oh well, people seeing me in sunglasses is better then the bright red, swollen, eyes they'd get if I took them off.

FOUR: Wash your clothes. This may seem like a strange one, but if you've been out all day, then it's very likely you have pollen on your clothes. If you wear them again, then you're just wearing pollen. Stick them in the wash, and be careful where you put them out to dry.

FIVE: Open the windows, close the curtains. On warm summer days, it's nice to have the windows open, but I feel your pain, you don't for fear of the pollen monster coming in and living under your bed. So shut your curtains or blinds, the cool air will still come in but they'll act as a barrier for the pollen.

Hope this has been helpful for any fellow hayfever sufferers out there. See you next time!

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  1. Thanks for the tips :) need all the help I can get :) xxx