Fitness Friday: Week Nine/Fitness Clothing Haul Part 2

It's less than one month to go until race day. The nerves are kicking in a bit, and the need to get training more and more is constantly in the back of my mind - but this week, not the best.

On Sunday I went out and ran about 1.5miles, not all that far but it was the fastest one yet. I actually started running at the time we'll start running on race day as a little experiment to see how my hayfever was doing that hour or so later in the day (I usually run quite early). It isn't the best still, this has definitely been the worse summer for it, but it is getting better so I'm hoping by the time race day comes around it will be much more under control.

On Monday I went out with my friend Abi, she is also running the race but works a lot in the week so it's quite difficult to get out together. I drove to her house and we ran around the fields near where she lives. It was so difficult, I don't know how Abi manages that route as easily as she does, she was so quick as well. The ground is so soft, it's so much harder to run on than road. We did about 3 miles, and I knew by the end of it I'd done a proper work out.

We'd planned to run on Wednesday but Abi had to go into work, so I was going to go out on my own instead. Then, in what is probably the quietest village in the UK, where nothing ever happens there was a shooting. Yep, a shooting in my village. I decided to go into lockdown and not leave the house. Wednesday run - cancelled!

On Wednesday night I went to the auditions recording of the X Factor. I'll update you on that in a blog post in itself, because it is truly as hilarious in real life as it seems on TV. However it was a very late night and I probably didn't get to sleep till gone 2:30am! I'd intended to go for a run on Thursday but by the time I'd got myself up and organised, the day was running (no pun intended!) away with me. Also the pollen count was through the roof! Having finally began to feel like my eyes were less of a waterfall I just couldn't begin to put myself through going out later in the day when it's even higher so unfortunately, Thursday run - failed! BUT...on Thursday I received my running number that I pin to the front of my vest! I do believe 5846 may now be my lucky number!

I'm writing this blog post on Thursday evening, it'll go up on Friday morning, and I have the complete intention of getting up and going for a run in the morning so I will add that to next weeks update!

Now, I know this update is very useless, and you're probably thinking get out there and run!!!!!!!!!! I'm thinking that too! I'm also thinking, that this was a failure of a blog post, and a big let down for you. So here is the second half of that fitness haul I promised a couple of weeks ago.


Once again I popped into Matalan and bought the shop! The top and bottoms above are both from Matalan and both very bright! These are ideal for running earlier or later in the day, and now I'm running on road more they really make me stand out! I've also got cushioned socks on. These are something I started wearing more, when I started running more and needed a bit more support for my heel and ankles. Really like these, again from Matalan, and at £4 for 3 pairs, you can't complain. Once running started to get a bit more serious I bought a running band. This one is a Karrimor one from Sports Direct, but I actually had very little choice because my phone is really big and this is the only one it would fit in. It was less than a fiver, and has helped my running so much. I used to hold my phone in one hand (I used it for tracking my run with the Nike Running App, and for music) and I always used to feel very unbalanced so this is ideal!

I went to a Stroke Association event, called Step Out For Stroke, and I run in the T-shirt on cooler mornings, or runs where I might not be going so far. I've also bought these shorter running bottoms, and I'm thinking of wearing these on run day because I think it'll be quite hot, and these are really cooling. Again, they are from Matalan - my favourite place, and they were only around £10.
That's it for this fitness Friday update! Hope you've enjoyed the second part of the haul too!

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