Fitness Friday: Week Eight

I really hope you aren't getting bored of these Fitness Friday posts, I'm trying to make them not to repetitive, I've had some really lovely comments about them so I hope everyone is enjoying them. This week has been a very different week for me, and my routine so fitting running in has been very different to how I thought it would be.

For the past week my parents have packed themselves off on holiday and I have been house sitting. When they went last week at stupid o clock in the morning I'd got up to wave them off so decided I wouldn't get back into bed and would get out in the fresh air and go for a run. I ran 1.24 miles, which really should have been more, but I had a lot to do that day, so didn't want to spend too long out on a run and then have a madly busy morning. That's been the biggest problem this week, fitting runs in when I'm out of my routine. Anyway, I was feeling super great after I'd got back, in fact the best yet I think. I ran my quickest mile, and could feel a definite improvement in my ankles, I was barely feeling any sort of twing - a massive turning point.

As the days started ticking by the heat started ramping up. Yep for those of you who don't live in the UK and don't know anything about our current weather you won't know we're in a heatwave with 35 degree heat and insane humidity. It' so difficult to run in these conditions. The heat hasn't been lifting at night so I've been sleeping terribly and been so tired to get up and run. On Thursday however myself and Bridie did get running. We set off at about 8:20 in the morning, so we expected it to be a cooler part of the day than later on, however, it was still very humid. Bridie described the air as heavy and it was like running through soup. Having said that we ran our furthest yet, 5.5 miles. It was very hot and we had to stop a lot, but we barely walked (I'd say 100metres if that so we could cool down) and we drank all our water but we did finish and we ran our fastest 1K so there was big progress this week.

'How's that yoga going Hannah?' I here you ask...not the best. I've been struggling over the past couple of weeks, and the heat this week has just made it a whole lot harder. My house has been like an oven, how do these people do hot yoga? I've been hating it. I'll pick it up hopefully at some point again, and I might have a go at it once I start uni, maybe join some club or something, because I know it'll be really good for me.

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