My 100 Things | #22 Host a Dinner Party

'Ten months ago I was struggling to organise myself to get out of the front door let alone plan something like this' - something I said to Bridie whilst she helped me load this dishwasher after what I would like to think was a very successful evening. I hosted a dinner party, a three course meal, a right old gathering of much loved friends.

On Saturday, I had the house to myself, so a month ago (I planned far in advance so that everyone could get me in their diary) I sent out invites - I wasn't doing this by halves, I was going all out, there were proper invites.

For starters I prepared Prawn Cocktail, for mains it was a meal called Chicken Tonight (spicy chicken with roasted vegetables) and for pudding people could pick my Pavlova or a slice of Chocolate Mousse Cake. Now I know I'm a blogger, and I know I'm meant to take pictures of my food, and I know I kept reminding myself to do it throughout the day, however, I didn't. I forgot to take a picture of the main course and the puddings but here are the starters - sorry!!

I'm quite creative and I like designing and making things, from the invites to place settings. Here is how the table looked!

The night was fantastic and I really hope my friends enjoyed it - they said they did anyway! Sometimes all you need is a night in, your girlfriends and some good wine (of which many bottles were consumed). That's all you need, laughter is the best medicine, quality time is really important and I think we're going to make sure that in future when we all keep on going those seperate ways we keep doing things like this! Here are a couple of pictures.

I have so many, I won't bore you with them but it was a very lovely night, so head over to my Instagram (link in the sidebar) to see more from the night.

Would I recommend hosting a dinner party? Yes, it was a great night, although I'll definitely be letting one of the others have a go next time - oh and Alex if you're reading this, the wine you spilt on the cream came out!

I've spoken to a few people who ask why I added different things to my list. I added this one because it was a challenge, something I hadn't done before and a chance for me to feel a sense of achievement. Post Stroke the little things are appreciated so much more, and spending time with friends who have cheered me up so much is very valued.

See you next time! Have a good day!

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