Fitness Friday: Week Twelve

Today is the final fitness Friday! It's run day on Sunday and where the past twelve weeks have gone I do not know. I am so nervous for the race, but I'm so pleased with how our fundraising has done. Not only will crossing that finish line be a personal achievement, but I know how much the money raised will help people just like me all over the country.

On Sunday morning I'd planned to get up at 8am but I eventually crawled out of bed half an hour later when I decided I couldn't put running off anymore - on Sunday morning my duvet just felt extra soft! I decided I'd do my usual route in the opposite direction (just to mix it up a bit) and I ran 3.16 miles. I decided that if I avoid passing my house I'll be more inclined to keep going and not stop. Hannah's Top Running Tip - avoid your house till you want to go home and you'll go further!

As I said last week I'd been struggling with headaches and light-headedness a lot. Well, thanks to all the extra water I'd been drinking, I noticed a real difference, and I finished my run feeling the best I've felt for the past few. So throughout the week I've really been trying to keep my water intake higher, and hopefully this will have a knock on effect for Sunday and keep myself feeling better.

On Wednesday it was run day with Bridie and we did our fastest 10K yet. Not really fast, we ran it in just under 1 hour 15 minutes, but it's a time we're really proud of considering just 12 weeks ago we weren't running at all. We were out for about an hour and a half because we stopped and had a bit of a chat about how we were feeling about the weekend and it did get me more excited and a little bit less nervous.

Now, for the past couple of runs my left knee has been tingling a bit, a couple of twinges, but it's been OK really. On Wednesday, when we got to mile five, it started twinging again and by mile six, it was really pulling. I kept running, and when I got home I just decided to rest up and put a support bandage on it. It's been getting better everyday, so I'm hopeful that it has sorted itself out and I'll just take it easy on run day and keep an eye on it.

Today is our last fitness Friday. It's run day on Sunday, so next Friday I'll tell you all about how the run went. I'm definitely hoping to keep up running, I've lost weight and toned up (even though that was never the aim), I feel the healthiest I've felt in probably two years, and I'm just feeling good. Am I addicted to running? Maybe not addicted, but I would say I have began to really like it. So because I'm wanting to carry on, you never know, maybe in a few months time there may be a fitness Friday reappearance if I have something to tell you - or maybe not, if I have nothing to tell you.

Thanks for reading all of these posts. I know from some of the messages I've received some of you have stuck with it all the way through. I hope you've enjoyed seeing the progression as much as I have and if you're thinking of taking up running but don't think you'll be able it. I promise you, you can! If I can, anyone can!

Last week I told you that I would be on BBC Radio York this week talking about all things stroke and running! Well, I was. It was the scariest thing ever, I was so nervous, my stomach was full of butterflies, but I did it. I feel like I said 'erm' a lot but people have said it wasn't that bad. If you'd like to listen, I'll link it up below and it'll be available for 30 days I think, so anytime until 29/8/2015.
Btw....I come on at 2:39:10 incase you don't want to listen to the whole thing!
That's it for today. Wish me luck for Friday :)
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