Fitness Friday: Week Eleven

The race is next Sunday! The race is next Sunday! The more I say it the more it terrifies me! I've been doing these Fitness Friday updates for nearly three months, and when I read back on those first couple of weeks I realise how far I've come. I might not be a sprinter, and I'm not a marathon runner, but I am running, which is something I never thought I would do. This weekend marks one year since my stroke, and thinking about the changes in that year. Wow. I can't believe that next week I'll be running 10K. Anyway, back to this is how it's gone.

I had intended to run on Friday morning but I woke up with a super bad headache, and head cold. I decided not to run, and to head off to my Art Club with the Stroke Association but I got halfway and just felt really tired, and sick so I decided to turn around and go home via the chemist. It was then a day in bed for me.  

The Sudafed worked a treat and by Sunday I was feeling like a new woman. I woke up and it was hammering it down with rain, so when it finally stopped I put my trainers on and headed out. I'd gone about a mile and it had started to drizzle with rain again, then the wind picked up and by the time I managed to get home it was almost a hurricane. In total I ran 1.31 miles.

I was glad I hadn't done too much because I wanted to go on a good run on the Monday. My mum dropped me off at the place I usually start running with Bridie and I decided I would run home. I managed just shy of 5 miles and I only had to come home before I'd reached that 10K mark because I was desperate for the toilet. Note to self - Remember to go to the toilet before I start the race.

I set off on Thursday with really good intentions. I wanted to get to that five mile mark I had done on Monday, and if I could run the 10K. I'd ran about 2.5 miles and started to feel pretty light headed. I don't know what was different about that day but I was really thirsty, and I'd drank most of my water. I kept going but by the time I'd reached mile 3 my water was pretty much empty and I was feeling pretty fuzzy headed. I rang my Mum and she came to pick me up. Not the run I'd planned but it was still three miles.

Now, this is super exciting news! In the past couple of weeks, I was contacted by a member of the Stroke Association media team. In the past couple of weeks I've been in three local papers! Three! How exciting! I've also been online in some online articles talking about the run so I'll like one, here. But the most exciting thing I have to tell you is that next Thursday (30th July) I'll be on BBC Radio York, at 11:30am, talking all things stroke, running, the York 10K race and what the future holds. I'm really nervous but super excited. Have a listen if you get a chance, it'll also be on BBC IPlayer afterwards I think so I'll link it up next Friday!

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