Sorry I'm so update!

I feel like me apologising on this blog is becoming a far to regular occurrence. Most of my blog posts start with 'sorry there hasn't been a blog post in a while'. I really am sorry when I say it and well...I'm sorry there hasn't been a blog post in a while. Life has just been so busy. But I'm hoping now I'm back into my usual uni, shift, work life balance I'll have a bit more time to share things with you guys on HBH. I love this little blog, and a bit of time away from it has re-invigorated my love, and I'm definitely looking forward to getting back on it. So today I thought I'd start by giving a little life update. I last shared a life after stroke: two years on update back in July, but I thought today I'd bring you up to date with things.

Let's start with midwifery. I finished first year! Yay! I made it! Yippee! *Pours glass of Prosecco and wishes to sleep for a very long time*. So first year finished in the middle of September. I submitted all my documents, all the paperwork was signed, and a weight was lifted off my shoulders. It was a very strange feeling to say goodbye to the portfolio I'd worked so hard for one year on, and hope that it was good enough. I don't think there is anything that will come close to the emotional rollercoaster I have been on in the past year. Within the same day you're going from an incredible high, to a emotional, heartbreaking low. You're exhausted, and fed up at the same time as being high on adrenaline, and loving life. This degree is I think, and I know I'm biased, on of the most challenging ones out there - but it's just so rewarding. I look back on the past year with a big smile on my face. I'm seen an incredible change in myself and my confidence, and although scary, challenging times lie ahead....I'm looking forward to it.

I'm now living with some of my course mates. We get on really well, and this house is non stop laughter....and tears. Legit we are either crying or laughing. There's six of us all together, and it's just brilliant. Living in a house at uni, personally, I find to be so much better than halls. Just the comfort of it being a house and being able to make it homely is a lot better than halls - you can never make those curtains and that blue carpet pretty. Even fairy lights can't perform miracles. I'm going to write a blog post soon about what to look out for when looking for a student house and what we'd do differently next time around so look out for that if you're a first year!

Next I thought I'd update you on a couple of things I mentioned in the last update post. I caught a flight for the first time post stroke to Menorca with my Mum and Dad in August and it was actually OK. I wasn't exactly loving it but it was OK, and it doesn't worry me for the future. I'm looking forward to future adventures around the world! With regards to the running I talked about, I'm going running quite regularly at the moment, and I'm loving it. I definitely won't be saying no to some sort of running related challenge at some point but I don't know when so I'll let you know when that happens! Probably in like nine years...

And finally I just wanted to let you know about a fundraising event the Stroke Association are in the next couple of weeks! They're running the 'GIVE A HAND AND BAKE' campaign. Bake a few cakes....sell them at school, uni or work, and donate the money to help the lives of people affected by stroke. I'm definitely going to try get involved in some way, and if you can't bake yourself, keep an eye out for bake sales up and down the country where you could pick something up!
If you want to find out more have a little read here: Give a Hand and Bake Campaign

That's all for now, catch you soon!

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  1. Loving the Give a Hand and Bake plug x