What's happening on my Pinterest?

I am addicted to pinterest at the minute. I'm always finding myself browsing through, pinning things as I go, adding to all my boards. Today I thought I'd share a look into my Pinterest and some of the favourite things I've been pinning recently.

I say the healthy eater but it's turned into an all round foodie type thing. You will completely see trends throughout my boards. For example the other day I went shopping and board some chicken drumsticks...what arrived on my pinterest? A flurry of drumstick themed recipes. I think that food is one of my favourite things about pinterest - it is recipe inspo central.

I have saved loads of little things that help me out when I'm struggling with anxiety. I actually find this whole mindfulness concept to be really helpful, and I pin things that I know work or I'm keen think would work and I'd want to try. It's quite a new board and I tend to delete things that don't work for me so it doesn't have many pins but it's one I'm keen to add to and make a really good place to keep going back to.

This is one that I add to in phases. Tends to be when I've bought something and I'm not sure how to style it, I'm looking for outfit inspiration, or I've got a day/night planned and I need some help on what to wear! I always find things, and this is a board I go back through quite a lot when I'm in need off a fashion S.O.S.

This one is a pretty new board and currently features a very random combination of things. I'm going away soon with my housemates for a little staycation to the lake district so I've pinned a few pretty sites to see when we go there. Then later in the year I'm going for a more exotic holiday to Lanzarote with my family so I pinned pics about that - oh my gosh it look so lush! I can't wait! The idea with this one is I'll keep updating it as and when I make new plans about places I want to go or am going! Oh and it's also got some random holiday packing tips thrown in there - I'm trying to be less of an over packer!

These are just a few of the boards on my Pinterest! I am pretty addicted with it and I'm adding new things all time! Click here and check it all out! See you next time!

Love, Hannah x

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