Recipe: Balsamic Chicken and Pasta

This recipe is always on my 'mum please make this when I come home from uni' list. I am such a fan of it I asked her for the recipe and now make it myself at uni. It's so easy to do, and is great for sharing with friends or making in advance to either freeze or eat a couple of nights in a row! Some of the ingredients might not seem very student friendly but once you have them in your store cupboard you can use them again and again!

MAKES: 2 PORTIONS            PREP TIME: 15 MINS               COOKING TIME: 20 MINS

Cut the chicken into bitesize pieces
Mix together the mustard, balsamic vinegar, honey, soy sauce and olive oil
Sprinkle with salt and pepper
Mix the chicken in the sauce
Leave to marinade (this can be for 30 minutes, a day or overnight - whatever suits you!)
Cook the pasta in a large pan for 10 minutes, add a little salt
Add the chicken mix into a large pan and fry until the chicken is cooked through
Add the asparagus and sugar snap peas to the pasta for the last couple of minutes
Add the sundried tomatoes to the chicken
Drain the pasta and vegetables
Mix the chicken into the pasta

Love Hannah x

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