15 Struggles of growing up in the naughties

I grew up in the noughties and being honest I think it was a pretty tough time. Kids these days just don't realise how easy they have it - in today's post I'll talk you through my top 15 struggles of growing up in the noughties! Warning: This post will make you feel really old!

1. Coming up with a cool Hotmail address that gave you a secret identity that wasn't already taken was hard

2. Actually finding the tamagotchi to keep it alive was harder than keeping it alive

3. Standing in Claire's waiting for them to spike your ears was difficult, but choosing an earring set was harder because six weeks was far to long to commit

4. Downloading all the MSN Emoticons so you're name would come up in glitter

5. How much groovy chick merch is too much? Never got that balance right, still finding things now

6. Who to declare as your love on this year's school pencil case

7. The need to own a Jane Norman bag! Where is that shop now?

8. How to carry your portable CD player without the need for a suitcase

9. How much to roll your school skirt up without the top looking like a tyre under your shirt

10. Which Charlie scent would attract all the boys

11. When you just wanted to have a discussion, not an argument, and you were told to talk to the hand

12. When you did Love Calculator with your crush and you got a lower % than your best friend

13. Having to wait until after 7pm to use the house phone

14. Adding TB to the end of every text so your 10p wasn't wasted.

15 Abbreviating everything to get more out of a text...wuu2? R u ok? C u tomorrow!
Hope you've enjoyed this little throwback for all you naughties kids!
See you next time!

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  1. Yes oh my gosh this! So many things I'd completely forgotten about (so thanks for reminding me how embarrassing I was as a pre-teen)
    I'm properly having a massive nostalgia moment now I'm so embarrassed!

    Imii xx | nettleandblackberry.com